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Wyatt Richards


About Me

I am a mechanical engineering student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and I have been doing freelance 3D modeling and graphic design for the past few years. I participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition for 4 years during high school, two of which I was responsible for CAD and design. During the 2020 season (January 2020 - March 2020), I was the mechanical lead and fully designed, modeled, and oversaw the fabrication of our robot (render above). I have since put my 3D modeling skills to work designing product mock-ups, cosplay accessories, and more.

In addition to 3D modeling, I also have experience with graphic design, making flyers and artwork for various clubs and organizations I've been a part of, including both of my FIRST robotics teams and my university's Aeronautics Club, which competes in the annual AIAA Design Build Fly competition.


3D Modeling

3D modeling is the work I have the most experience in. I did CAD for my local FIRST Robotics teams for two years and this following year, I fully designed the robot. In addition, I have done many commissions ranging from small car parts to modular storage containers, in addition to my work designing custom Star Wars style helmets and armor for Skyguy Customs     . In addition to my freelance work, I've also created numerous passion projects, such as a flight simulator button panel or a 3D printed turret from my favorite video game, all of which are made open-source and free to download on my thingiverse for others to enjoy.

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Graphic Design

In addition to 3D modeling, I have a bit of experience with graphic design. Most notably, I've done the logos for my high school's aerospace club and my robotics team's logo. I have done flyers and other marketing materials as well.

Background Removal

I also do a bit of background removal type projects like this one (left). I can do anything from solid white backgrounds to more complicated ones like this one.

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